Safer Heights

International Towers Sydney, Barangaroo Building Maintenance Units (BMU).


We love to get stuck into large scale projects, and this was no different. Deemed to be Sydney's largest renewal project since the 2000 Olympics, we were excited at the prospect of getting involved at Barangaroo. Farra was asked to make an offer to supply the facade access equipment for the C3, C4 and C5 office towers.

As the architectural designs of the tower's complex facade types were finalised, Farra developed a bespoke solution to access between the facade blades and around the building's recesses.

We created multiple building maintenance units (BMU) and slewing jib cranes which complemented the complexities of the towers, all while providing equipment that is firmly based on proven design, experience, and technology.

Key Facts

Construction: The project lasted three years spanning from June 2013 to December 2017.

Tallest Tower: The C3 tower stands at 208 metres tall.

Slewing Jib Crane Capacity: 8.2 Tonnes.

Across the three buildings, nine BMUs and seven jib cranes were installed. Utilising Farra's 50 years' of experience in the access equipment environment, the BMUs were a mixture of single and double traversing slewing units. Three of the units had telescoping capabilities and two were fixed pedestal BMUs with a 21 metre outreach - approximately the length of a cricket pitch.

For added convenience Farra created three styles of cages that were interchangeable between the BMUs, allowing all units to access each facade type.

The slewing jib crane distributed throughout the buildings were designed to be sympathetic to the tower's architecture, with the main purpose of being able to transfer transformers on the towers, to and from various balconies and podiums. The cranes are safe, quick, convenient, and reliable.

As of December 2017, the BMUs and cranes are all installed and will continue creating safer facade access to the Barangaroo buildings for many years to come.

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