Our People.

Team Farra.

Our team of 130 strong, delivering high-quality outcomes across NZ and internationally, exporting throughout Australasia and further afield. Living our values explains why half our staff have been here longer than 10 years and many over 20. We have a reputation for high-quality, bespoke engineering solutions. Driven by our shared values... Straight Up and Own it, we are Team Farra. We find a way when others say you can’t.



Gareth Evans
  • Gareth Evans
  • Managing Director
  • Farra
sally henderson
  • Sally Henderson
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Finance
Iain Menmeir
  • Iain Menmeir
  • GM of Operations
  • Farra
Mike Ryan 1
  • Mike Ryan
  • GM of Engineering
  • Farra
andy lin
  • Andy Lin
  • Head of Sales
  • Sales & Contracts
Jamie Priemus
  • Jamie Priemus
  • People & Capability Manager
  • Human Resources
Murray Frederick
  • Murray Frederick
  • Project Manager
  • Farra
Ben Wild
  • Ben Wild
  • Operations Manager
  • Sheetmetal
Jamie Blair
  • Jamie Blair
  • Fabrication Works Manager
  • Heavy Fabrication
Adrian Slocombe 3
  • Adrian Slocombe
  • Machining Works Manager
  • Machining
Glenn Holland
  • Glenn Holland
  • Workshop Foreman
  • Machining
AJ Crow
  • AJ Crow
  • Financial Manager
  • Finance
Brodie Burridge v2
  • Brodie Burridge
  • Technical Sales Engineer
  • Sales & Contracts
Hope Swennson
  • Hope Swenson
  • Health & Safety
  • Health and Safety
Andrew Bryant
  • Andrew Bryant
  • Quality & Compliance Manager
  • Quality
Neil MacKay v2
  • Neil MacKay
  • Project Engineer
  • Heavy Fabrication
Hayden Taylor
  • Hayden Taylor
  • Workshop Forman
  • Heavy Fabrication
Mark Acreman
  • Mark Acreman
  • Project Manager
  • Heavy Fabrication
Ben Suazo v2
  • Ben Suazo
  • Procurement
  • Finance
Mathew Ngamane 2
  • Mathew Ngamane
  • Project Manager
  • Heavy Fabrication
Ian Lormans
  • Ian Lormans
  • Project and Logistics Co-ordinator
  • Machining
Ken Hill
  • Ken Hill
  • Installation Manager
  • Design and Innovation
Nathan Marchett 1
  • Nathan Marchett
  • Project Manager
  • Design and Innovation
  • David Brett
  • Project Manager
  • Design and Innovation
Nathan Niu
  • Nathan Niu
  • Design & Innovation Lead Engineer
  • Design and Innovation
Katie Gotlieb
  • Katie Gotlieb
  • Project Engineer
  • Design and Innovation
Adrian McCaughan
  • Adrian McCaughan
  • Project Manager
  • Sheetmetal
Nick Betts
  • Nick Betts
  • Project Manager
  • Sheetmetal
Jared Cummings
  • Jared Cummings
  • Production Manager
  • Sheetmetal
Peter Rowley
  • Peter Rowley
  • Workshop Foreman
  • Sheetmetal
Tom Bain
  • Tom Bain
  • Powdercoating Team Leader
  • Sheetmetal

Our clients.


We wouldn’t be on this journey together without you. We have a lot of long- standing relationships across the industries we work in. We share in your vision and your goals and help make them a reality. What do we need from you? Well, we work best with those that subscribe to our values, are straight-shooters and own it... by being transparent, forthcoming and open-minded truly collaborative partnerships are formed. This enables us to engineer magic together. We are only a short hop over the ditch, and our sales team and CEO visit clients in Aussie regularly. We’re are pretty hot on digital communication too. Check out some of our client projects. We’d love to tell you about all our amazing clients that are changing the world, but some projects we have to keep very, very secret! 


One big team.