Rising Up from the Building

Farra worked closely with the building's architects to create the two building maintenance units nicknamed "The Phoenix" for the Moorhouse Building in London.

When Farra says we can complete projects of any size, we mean it! The London based Moorhouse Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) Project is the perfect example of the share scale of some of the projects our team get to be a part of.

Back in 2003 is when this project took place and at the time, world renown architects, Fosters & Partners were working through their designs for the Moorhouse building.

The building wasn’t large, standing at only 17 floors tall, but the designs were complex as Fosters were driven to create a visually interesting building and the façade access solution needed to fit within this image.

As image was very important to the client, working closely with the architects was a must.

The team designed the perfect solution that worked with the complex building shape, and the architect’s desire to ensure that the BMU resided within the profile of the building when it was garaged.

The team created two intricate building maintenance units that we designed to rise up from within the tower using a special linkage style that automatically tilts as it rises. These units were the biggest units ever created by Farra and at the time were a record breaking size with each unit:

  • Weighing 50 tonnes
  • Having a 30 metre reach and,
  • Being 10 metres tall when standing at full height.

In 2018 some of our team were able to revisit the Moorhouse building and see how our machines were doing.

After 15 years the machines were still in perfect working order.

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