Explosive Partnership

Partnering with Palmers Mechanical to provide trucks to Australian Mines for the safe transport of Ammonia Nitrate. Ammonia Nitrate is used in the drilling, pumping and detonation of land and objects.

We partnered with Palmers Mechanical to build and create a solution for Mining Explosive trucks carrying Ammonia Nitrate.  Our Stainless division worked closely with Palmers to complete the Stainless work requirements. The trucks and chassis are sent to New Zealand built to a proven design, fitted and then sent back to Australia for use.


The trucks are used in mines in Australia to transport Ammonia Nitrate to enable mines to drill holes, pump in liquid and detonate land and objects. The trucks have a limited lifespan due to the explosive nature of the liquid they carry. Because of this there is a continuous demand for these trucks to be sourced.

Farra and Palmers are recognised as providing an affordable, fully commissioned, turnkey solution for mining explosive transport vehicles.