Dam Build Up

A solution for the refurbishment of the Meridian Energy power station intake screens across South Island.

Meridian contacted Farra in search of a solution for strengthening intake screens on their power stations in the South Island. There was a need to create a robust solution for long term operation. To date, Farra has implemented these improvements on 4 sets of screens and have manufactured two new replacement sets.


Meridian was keen to install a specialized plate into their dams but were delayed as they sought the perfect solution to provide the best long term outcome.

Farra's solution to Meridian's problem was simple but effective, in that it produced a welded plate that was welded to the screens in order to strengthen them. Each power station requires 4 sets of 64 intake screens and each set of 64 takes around 6 weeks to modify and install.

The screen manufacturing work was open for tender throughout New Zealand with Farra being the successful tenderer.