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Limitless ambition in limited spaces.

To protect your investment and your people, access is everything!

Modern architecture, advancements in materials, increased demand for more great spaces and the way we live and work has greatly influenced today's high-rise buildings, towers, and skyscrapers. Glass, curves, green walls and green living, outdoor spaces and decorative facades.

To properly maintain your building you need the right building maintenance manufacturer that has innovative and proven solutions that can be customised to your unique environment. That’s where we come in. Designing and manufacturing easy and safe access to all those tricky-to-reach places for tradesmen, gardeners, window cleaners and other professionals, and in some cases robotic tools. These ensure the upkeep of facades, green walls and windows while being aesthetically sympathetic to the building and safe and reliable for years to come.

Farra’s reputation has been built on our ability to integrate beautiful and smart engineering design into your structure, allowing you to reach the unreachable and disappear. All backed by proven performance and engineering. That’s why we are an established New Zealand design and manufacturing engineering company for the Australasian and European markets supplying access machines, cranage and lifting solutions for some for the most complex, demanding and corrosive environments in the world.


Every automated BMU unit is composed of a cage, hoist, jib, and traverser module and work to provide quick, safe, and convenient access to the building’s exterior. Our bespoke solutions enable you to choose from our growing portfolio of architecturally sympathetic facade access systems and machine modules and are manufactured here in New Zealand.


Telescoping Units.

Traversing Units.

Single and Multi-Slewing Units.

Fixed Pedestal Units.

Disappearing Units
and track system. 

Super-compact unit - move between buildings & floors via elevator.


All designs are fully code compliant.

All safety devices, limit switches and interlocks as required by design codes, plus additional devices and are designed to be ‘fail-safe’.

Secondary structural pathways for all components along the hoisting system, including secondary brakes and secondary ropes.

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