Davit Cranes
and Platforms.

Davits and powered platforms are a popular cost effective reach solution when traversing is not required. The davits permanently stay in place but are invisible from ground level. The platforms are easily stored away when not in use in most cases. Farra have options from smaller personal cages to multi-storied work platforms that can be moved to other buildings and locations.


For the unit to be even more efficient, different cage types are available to maxmise the potential of our BMUs. 

Our cage types:

  • Extending Cage
  • Fixed Cage
  • Two single personal cages
  • Interchangeable cages


Glass Replacements Units & Attachments.

Our task specific attachments are all about making the job way more efficent. Our units and accessories are perfect for accessing randomised stepping facades with challenging angles whether it be for glazing replacement or green wall maintenance.

Our units & accessories:

  • Interchangeable cages
  • Glazing Replacement 
  • Unit Attachment
  • Personal Cages
  • Tool Bins
  • Green Wall Maintenance Platforms


We often use Monorail systems used to access various points of a structure that have recessed or overhanging facades, sloped roofs, and glazed atriums. Paired with platforms and trolleys they provide access to facades beneath pitched roofs and areas with ground obstructions. Our collapsible and mobile Shared Compact BMU can also be a useful alternative solution in these situations. 

Access Machines for industrial and commercial applications

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Building Maintenance

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Industrial Environments and Smelters

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Power Generation

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Window Washing and Glass Replacement

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Needing to lift heavy equipment like transformers or HVAC? 
Vertical Plant Delivery

Mobility and flexibility across multiple locations or sites or do you need a clever, cost-effective alternative to scaffolding and work platforms?
Semi Permanent and Mobile BMUs