An innovative solution for a work platform that encompasses all sides of the building and blends with the building. This two-storey work platform is revolutionising the re-cladding process of at-risk high-rise buildings. It enables the recladding of high-rise buildings without the use of costly traditional scaffolding, is much safer, minimises disruption to tenants and can be reused on multiple buildings.

Facade Access Solutions + 


Mobile Compact Access Solutions just got better!

We have a patent-pending compact access solution, soon to be released to the market that gives you the freedom and diversity of use that you are looking for. These small portable machines are not physically tied to one location and various models allow you to access your building exterior from various floors, and positions giving workers safe and essential access for maintenance without the compliance hassles. We also have models that offer the same mobility with various plant lifting capacities. Perfect for busy construction sites, apartments, high-rises and industrial applications. 

Exciting right? Pop us an email and you will be the first to know when we go public with this exciting new product from the Access team known for their innovation and commitment to safety. 

Compact Duo walking


Perfect for busy construction sites, Farra’s SuperCompact Crane is the only pick and carry crane that is heavy duty, en- ables an extended height of lifts and can be moved 3600 while loaded. The SuperCompact Crane uses all the learnings and expertisefrom our large projects, scaling them into a system that condenses to fit into corridors with the power to expand for lifting bigger loads, which can then be moved 3600 around your site. We also have our Apartment crane range for smaller lifts.