Level 2 Training Modules

Farra Engineering are committed to ensuring our staff and others working within our workshops are aware of the potential hazards and risks of the work being undertaken and have the correct training for the task at hand.

Within our training programme we have Level 2 Hazard Awareness training modules. Depending on the job role and operation these training modules will need to the undertaken and the questionnaire complete prior to work being completed.

Your supervisor will inform you of what modules are required for your job role / or the task being completed and will instruct for these to be completed.

The Farra Level 2 Training Modules are as below:

Grinder - Safe Use & Handling

This training will provide the trainee with hazard and awareness knowledge about the safe use and handling of grinders including information on bench, pedestal, linishers and belt sanders found at Farra.

Read through the training information here:

Training Document - Grinders - Safe Use & Handling

Once the information have been read, please complete the questionnaire found here:

Grinder Training Questionnaire