Completing this induction enables the right of entry to Farra workplace.

It DOES NOT provide you with the right to operate any machinery. All visitors to the site must sign in through the kiosk located at the entrance of each workshop. 

As an on-site Contractor, you will be periodically assessed on your work practices to ensure hazards are recognised and reduced as much as possible. For those Contractors who are undertaking a significant project within the Farra premises, you will need to provide a Health & Safety plan identifying any hazards likely to occur and your methodology for minimising these hazards.

Compliance Coordinators.

Divisional Managers act as Compliance Coordinators. It is their role to implement the Health and Safety System, ensure actions on the Annual Plan are completed, act as Emergency Coordinators, lead the Accident Investigation team and manage Contractor Compliance.

  • Farra Health and Safety Co-ordinator: Hope Swensson
  • Farra Quality and H&S Compliance Manager: Andrew Bryant
  • Heavy Engineering: Mike Ryan
  • Fabrication: Jamie Blair
  • Machining:  Adrian Slocombe
  • Sheetmetal: Ben Wild

First Aid.

First aid kits are available for each workshop. All accidents are recorded in our Safety Management system - Vault.

Locations of the First Aid equipment is as below:

  • 24 Bauchop St Fabrication: currently on the table by the lunch room.
  • 43 Cresswell St Main Office: in the back room, downstairs and Stainless break room, with an AED (defibrillator).
  • 45 Cresswell Street Sheetmetal: in the Stainless break room, with an AED (defibrillator).
  • 56 Cresswell Street Alstom Fabrication: on the wall to the left as you walk into the workshop and in the Stainless break room, with an AED (defibrillator).
  • 4 Willis Street Machining: in the Machining changing rooms, with an AED (defibrillator) in Willis St reception.

In case of Fire.

Activate the fire alarm if an alarm isn't already ringing. Move quickly to the nearest exit, either back stairs, main door or window exit and assemble at the designated meeting point:

  • Engineering Design & Head Office: Cresswell Street
  • Sheetmetal: Cresswell Street
  • Stainless Fabrication: Cresswell Street
  • Alstom Fabrication: Cresswell Street
  • Heavy Fabrication: Bauchop Street
  • Machining: Willis Street

Don’t panic and don’t go back inside
until given clearance by the fire warden.

Accident & Incident Reporting.

Contractors must report all accidents. Report this to the Farra Divisional Manager or Supervisor. A decision will be made as who will investigate the event - even a cut to a finger or a near miss that could have caused one must be recorded!

Accident forms are available in the workshop. All accidents are recorded in the accident register stored inside the first aid room.


Smokefree Workplace.

  • If you are a smoker or vaper, be aware that you can’t smoke or vape just anywhere.

  • Don’t smoke or vape outside the designated areas. No smoking or vaping inside, Smoke or vape only during breaks.

Machine, Forklift
& Crane Operation.

  • Cranes and Forklifts can only be used if you are fully trained and you have been assessed by Farra.

  • Do not operate unless authorised and assessed by Farra.

  • Do not use forklifts to elevate 

Working at Heights.

  • Do not use forklift to elevate staff unless the appropriate man cage is attached and a harness is worn at all times.

Workshop Hazards and Risks.

Complete the Induction Questionnaire.

For staff, contractors and visitors who need to enter our workshops at Farra, please complete our contractor induction questionnaire. This provides a brief overview of our expectations and your understanding of the health and safety procedures to be followed while onsite.

Induction Questionnaire+

Level 2 Training.

Our Level 2 Training is to be completed by staff when directed by their supervisors.