Health, Safety & Wellbeing

For the team at Farra, Health and Safety is a genuine combined approach to safety in the workshop and on-site. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure the absolute safety of our staff, contractors, customers and the general public.

Your Safety Matters

To report an Injury, incident, near miss, risk or safety observation use Farra's portal into the VAULT health and safety management system

Your Safety Matters

To report an Injury, incident, near miss, risk or safety observation use Farra's portal into the VAULT health and safety management system

What is our approach to safety?

  • We provide practical solutions that deliver to industry best practice & comply with all legislation
  • We are committed beyond health and safety to total employee wellbeing 
  • We offer EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) to all staff and are working towards creating access to other employee benefits
  • Our Health and Safety culture delivers real outcomes, it is not just a compliance exercise 

  • We design and manufacture machines in an innovative but safe and considered way, with cross-checks and systems in place to minimise risk while providing the highest quality outcomes. We keep up to date with best practice and industry regulation which informs our decision making. We have a solid foundation in doing things the right way and this knowledge bank backed by 150 years of proven experience enables us to challenge conventional approaches yet manufacture safely
  • Our proven history and track record in providing safe outcomes for difficult tasks offers reassurance that you are dealing with a company that takes our and our customers Health and Safety compliance obligations seriously
  • Employee safety and the safety of people is a priority when considering ANY job. Always.


The Farra Group is committed to:

  • Working together to prevent injury
  • Providing a safe workplace and safe equipment
  • Ensuring that staff are either competent or well supervised
  • Developing a personal responsibility for Health and Safety
  • Identifying, assessing, controlling and monitoring all hazards & risks
  • Monitoring worker’s health as it relates to their work
  • Complying with all relevant Legislation, Codes of Practice, Standards and Industry Best Practice Guidelines
  • Continual improvement in the management of Health & Safety
  • Our Managers, in consultation with their staff, are responsible to lead Health and Safety
  • The regular review of Health and Safety related performance
  • The accurate reporting, recording and investigation of all accidents, near misses and any subsequent investigations
  • Supporting the safe and early return to work of injured employees

H&S Certification

At Farra we are committed to the health and safety of our team and yours. As we received more than 90% on our most recent SiteWise assessment, we have gained SiteWise Gold status.

Sitewise Certification 2021

Farra has also achieved a 5 star rating for our Impac Prequal Certification.

Impac Prequal Certificate



For Contractors and visitors who wish to go onto the workshop floors at Farra, please complete our contractor induction questionnaire. This provides a brief overview of our expectations and your understanding of the health and safety procedures to be followed while onsite.

Expectations and Induction Questionnaire