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Straight up. We’re open about what we can do, and the challenges we face. We brave the unknown together and, at the end of it all, we raise a beer to a job well done. Like family. Like mates.

The world knows us as an engineering company. You’ll find our work on the top of skyscrapers, way down in mines, and in energy generation. Fewer know that we manufacture parts for space rockets, trains and the defence force. No kidding. The secrets out.

The industry knows Farra
as “the go-to guys when others can’t.”

If that’s the stuff you're made of too — then Kia Ora Bro, you belong with us.


At Farra, while looking to the future we are always mindful of our 150 year heritage. We are proud of it and so are our people.

In order to deliver on our mission we need a balance of skills and a diverse culture. Our company embraces creative thinkers, skilled tradespeople, and motivated learners who want a meaningful career.

Innovation is at our core. Ask anyone that works here, they love what they do. The work is interesting and exciting with a variety of challenges and our colleagues are good mates. Our mission is to become the undisputed heavyweight of engineering. To achieve this we need the right team to make it happen and our people really matter.

Join the Farra Family

We are always looking for engineers, but why should you join the Farra Family?

From art installations to building maintenance units, pit maintenance unit to the refurbishment of hydro power stations Farra offers a diverse range of work to ensure no two days are ever the same.

Farra offer

  • Friendly and approachable people to work with with a fun and welcoming culture
  • An inventive and supportive team of 150+ problem solvers, working in a diverse and well-equipped environment
  • Supported learning opportunities (Apprenticeships/Training programs)
  • Flexibility around working hours and work/life balance
  • Travel opportunities (some current projects in Australia, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea)
  • Interesting and exciting work with a variety of challenges
  • Exposure to all sorts of work experiences and the opportunity to develop associated skillsets
  • Competitive salaries and wages
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Employee benefits and discounts
  • Banking support and insurance

What do Farra do?

We weren't kidding when we said exciting and varied. We have a wide range of exciting projects in the pipeline and we specialise in projects such as:

  • The design and engineering of safe access solutions to the toughest places - above and below ground including Dam Restorations and Pit Maintenance Units for smelters worldwide
  • Creating and revolutionising maintenance equipment for some of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers including a landmark green residential and retail precinct in Sydney, and for Barangaroo, the largest office buildings in Australia
  • Building storage tanks, stills and silos that hold many of New Zealand’s best-known dairy, wine and beer brands including Fonterra, Cardrona Distillery, Speights and Emersons.
  • Breathing new life into some of the biggest dams across Australasia through refurbishing, retrofitting and maintaining legacy componentry. 


We are now a recognised, youth-friendly employer. Here at Farra, we have partnered with Youth Employment Success in a bid to lend a helping hand assisting local youth. As a creative engineering company, we believe we can offer youth awesome opportunities such as an apprenticeship, business walkthroughs, CV reviews, and more. To view the whole list you can visit the YES website.

Providing insight into our creative and exciting industry we are allowing youth to see what goes on behind closed doors. We want to showcase our breadth of experience and team spirit within our workplace. The staff at Farra strongly encourage local youth to connect with us, so we can share these opportunities with them.

"We are very focused on the culture within our team, and the younger workers have a lot to bring to the table regarding the technology, and the oldies bring their many years of experience and knowledge to help the youth… That's the thing; it’s important for us to create a culture where if you are the oldest or the youngest, you feel comfortable to speak up and contribute and be taken seriously when you do."

Gareth Evans, CEO

Joining the Engineering Sector

The engineering sector is in need of more skilled trades people. If you have ever considered a life in the trades but are unsure of where to get more information below are some resources to get you started.

Or you can always contact our friendly team to get first hand insights in how to get started on your engineering journey.

Who we hire

We are proud of our skilled team throughout our Dunedin and Christchurch branches. They are the lifeblood of our business. Within Farra, we host a wide range of occupations, these include, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Designers, Fabricators, Finance, Account and Project Managers, Tradespeople, Apprentices and Labourers working in Product Development, Mechanical, Lift, Access and Hoist, Stainless, Sheetmetal, Precision Engineering, Powder-coating and Finishing, Service and Maintenance. Serving the manufacturing, energy, mining, transportation and construction industries.

We value those with a diversity of experience, ability to problem solve on the fly and to put our customers first. Customers are our partners, not our paycheck. To be the perfect fit the right ‘can do’ attitude is essential. Skill level is negotiable. Have you got what it takes?

What’s on offer right now?

We are always looking for more staff members, no matter what the role. If you think you have what it takes to join the Farra Family, please get in touch.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get your foot in the door?

Register now to know when the next opportunity knocks, simply drop us a line detailing your field of interest, qualifications. 


We say YES!

We have partnered with Youth Employment Success to lend a helping hand and support local youth interested in engineering career pathways. Check out the opportunities we are providing Dunedin Youth.