About Farra

We are an integrated, full-service engineering company with a solution focus. We pride ourselves in knowing how, having the best people, the best operations, and willingness to brave the unknown to produce the best outcome for you, your team and your customers. At the end of the day, we can raise our glass to a job well done.

Our team provides reliable, innovative and practical engineering products and services locally and internationally. We are proven and experienced in the delivery of design, drafting, product development, mechanical engineering and project management to support the manufacturing, energy, mining, transportation and construction sectors.

Our solutions include:

  • The design and engineering of safe access solutions to the toughest places - above and below ground
  • Creating and revolutionalising maintenance equipment for some of the world’s most iconic buildings
  • Building storage tanks and silos that hold many of New Zealand’s best-known products and beer brands
  • Breathing new life into some of the biggest dams across Australasia through refurbishing, retrofitting and maintaining legacy componentry of some of the biggest dams of Australasia

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"Our history tracks through the Otago Gold Rush, two World Wars, weathered the depression of the 1930s, built cranes for the ’think big‘ projects of the 1970s and survived the economic reforms of the 1980s and 1990s...you can assured we are ready for what's next"

Extensively equipped in both technical and physical scale, our expertise spans heavy machining, fabrication, sheet metal, stainless, industrial engineering design and finishing. Housed within our workshops, in Dunedin, spanning over 8,000m2 you will find:

  • A team of 150+ seasoned professionals and tradesmen
  • New Zealand’s biggest vertical and horizontal lathe
  • 40 tonne of cranage
  • The latest 4 axis machine centres
  • Equipment that offers precision machining and fine tolerance production down to .01mm

With a strong focus on assurance, quality control, and compliance we can get you and your team there, safely, every time. Explore our latest projects, products and range of capabilities here or give us a call for an Introduction and company tour.

From gold rush to golden skylines

Learn more about our 150+ years forged by Farra and the projects that made us.

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