Portable Dialysis Trolleys

Created for the Southern District Health Board's Dialysis Unit, the Portable Dialysis Trolley has been custom designed for ease of use by hospital staff and to enable Dialysis treatment to take place where needed.

The trolley is currently designed to accommodate both the Fresenius AquaUno and the Gambro WR0300H Reverse Osmosis Machines.

It can be customised further to suit the dimensions and include necessary fixtures for different pieces of equipment.

"We have found the trolleys to be of excellent quality, made of high grade stainless steel. We are very impressed with Farra's quick service and customer focus."

Ian Bowen
Renal Engineer, Clinical Engineering, Southern District Healthboard


The bespoke design of the stainless steel trolley:

  • has the fixtures for the fitting of a leak controller allowing the portable reverse osmosis machine safe auto rinsing during non-dialysis times. This is needed to reduce the growth of bacterial to the limits of the standards for RO water.
  • includes a fixing for the quick installation of the Greenway BA-405 UV lamp unit.
  • has a standard plate allowing for quick fitting of three 10 inch filter housings.