An innovative solution for a work platform that encompasses all sides of the building. This two storey work platform is revolutionising the re-cladding process of at-risk high-rise buildings.

With over 50 years' experience in access equipment and a history of crane manufacturing our proven Design and Innovation team has a creative solution to revolutionise the recladding of high-rise buildings.

The High Riser is a two-storey work platform that enables recladding of high-rise buildings without the use of traditional scaffolding.

The platform is suspended from multiple davit cranes on the building's roof and uses a combination of a hydraulic ram and a specialist wedging system which locks on to the wire cables to provide an uncompromising safety locking mechanism to allow the platform to climb up and down the building.

The design of the High Riser allows for work to be complete on two levels at any one time while permitting the rest of the building to maintain up to 95% occupancy, minimising the cost of lost revenue during renovation.

With its covered design, rubber cushion-like seal at the bottom of the platform sealing the unit to the building, and a payload rating of one tonne, the High Riser can accommodate up to eight workers who can work in all weathers safely.

Our High Risers:

  • Are cost and programme effective and provide long term cost savings. The platform minimises revenue and tenant loss compared to traditional remediation methods, it also increases productivity as moving between floors with the High Riser is quick and simple.
  • Eliminate the need for a fully enclosed scaffold. The High Riser allows for only the floors that are being worked on to be taken out of commission for refurbishment.
  • Are safer than conventional scaffolding. Unlike conventional scaffolding the High Riser does not require continual adjustment. Handrails and kickboards are permanently fixed in place, minimising the hazard of falling items.


  • Are designed to blend in with each building's exterior. The platform's look can be made to match any building, minimising the negative visual impact facade refurbishment can cause.
  • Minimises the disruption for occupied buildings. With the platform in place only two floors are affected by refurbishment at any one time and with no footprint building occupants do not interact with the platform.

From the Ground Up

Partnering with Brosnan Construction to revolutionise the complex process of recladding high-rise buildings.

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