Heavy Duty Inclinator

Our Heavy Duty Inclinator provides the perfect bespoke solution to enhance the transportation of materials and people up and down steep terrain.

Designed with Kiwi Ingenuity to be safer, more reliable, and efficient the Heavy-Duty Inclinator has been utilized within construction projects to enable the movement of building materials throughout construction sites without the use of tower cranes and has been designed to transport people and items up and down steep inclines.

About the Inclinator

The Heavy-Duty Inclinator comprises of:

  • A dual transfer track system running the length of the desired location which can be designed to suit narrow site constraints and difficult topography.
  • Secured loading and unloading stations along the track system allowing access to multiple levels.
  • An auto levelling, cantilevered carriage rated to 2500kg. The carriage traverses the track via a custom designed dual rope hoist system, ensuring quick, easy and safe access to the secured loading and unloading stations.

Key Facts

Safety Standards: The Heavy-Duty Inclinator is compliant with EN81-22:2014 safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts, including the transportation of persons and goods.


First created to utilize the unused area of a Queenstown Hotel’s boundary line, the inclinator is designed to suit your location and to add value where possible.

The Heavy-Duty Inclinator offers a variety of bespoke solutions for:

  • The transportation of construction material.
  • Transporting people and items in the Heavy-Duty Inclinator’s platform.
  • Transportation of passengers in a passenger car.
  • Moving vehicles and other heavy items.
  • Enhancing access to a location which has difficult access.

Bespoke Solutions

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