Building Maintenance Units

Our building maintenance units are tailored to the needs of each project. Revolutionising the maintenance process we prove ourselves to be leaders in the creation of bespoke BMU solutions

Our history of crane manufacturing and the creation of over 180 Building Maintenance Units (BMU) proves our success in the access equipment market. From concept design to delivery our BMUs are customised to suit each building's requirements.

Double Slewing Unit

Every unit is composed of a cage, hoist, jib, and traverser module and work to provide quick, safe, and convenient access to the building's exterior.

Our BMU's innovative designs simplify the process of maintaining high-rise buildings.

Telescoping BMU
Two 10 metre tall, 50 tonne BMUs design to reside within the profile of the building.

Building Maintenance Unit Options

From giant to super-compact units, Farra can create a large range of BMU types that are available for customisation. This includes:

  • Single Telescoping Units.
  • Traversing Units.
  • Slewing Units.
  • Fixed Pedestal Units.
  • Double Slewing Units.
  • Units with a special track system which allow the BMU to move out of sight.
  • Super-compact unit which can be moved between buildings and is small enough it can fit through doorways and in elevators.

Glazing Replacement Unit Attachment

Cage / Attachment Options

For the unit to be even more efficient, different cage types are available to maxmise the potential of our BMUs. Our cage types include:

  • Interchangeable cages.
  • Glazing Replacement Unit Attachment.
  • Extended Cage.
  • Fixed Cage.
  • Personal Cages.
  • Tool Bins.

Safer Heights

Designing, manufacturing and installing the facade access equipment for the C3, C4 and C5 office towers, Barangaroo, Sydney.

Learn more about what we did for tower C3, C4, & C5 in Baranagroo