Whether your project is residential or commercial, closing off an area outside or adding a unique indoor feature, each balustrade project benefits greatly from our expert team of craftsmen. We can produce tailored solutions to create a product you are truly proud of.

Made from aluminium or stainless, then painted or powder coated in our own facilities, we have the team to design, manufacture, and install your balustrades.

Using only high-quality materials, our knowledgeable team take pride in creating stunning products which are made to last and comply with balustrade compliance standards.

The addition of our Mandrel YLM CNC130 Tube Bender makes creating unique balustrades even easier. With less welding required, a higher quality finish and a quicker turnaround time can be achieved. The bender allows more creative freedom for your design.

To complete your bespoke balustrade, sheetmetal in-fill panels can be custom designed for your vision.

Get in contact with our team today to get your balustrade project underway.

Our Architectural Metalwork Capabilities

With creative solutions you can trust, our Farra Architectural Engineering Team deliver from design to feasibility, fabrication to installation, making your unique architectural vision become a reality.

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