Core Policies

Farra is recognised as a high-quality provider of engineered products which are supplied to a diverse range of manufacturing and primary industries around the world. We are a reputable supplier and are known within the engineering industry for our reliability, quality of finish and our consumer-focused approach.


All staff within Farra are responsible for the quality of their work. Farra provides training and has established systems to assist everyone in achieving the standards that are required.

In all phases of implementation (consultancy, design, production and implementation) we endeavour to continually manufacture product that we can be proud of.  However, when a client complaint is received we are committed to investigating the problem thoroughly and punctually, to ensure customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our operations.

At Farra we have a Quality Management System (QMS) that allows all relevant, attainable and current objectives to be communicated to staff. The objectives are tracked in terms of progress and are measured and reported on a monthly basis.

Our Policy focuses on the following key principles:

  • The satisfaction of customers, both external and internal, is the primary focus of the Quality Management System
  • Systems and controls are designed to ensure a complete understanding of customer requirements and consistently accurate and effective product provision
  • Suppliers are integral to the quality process and Farra staff shall work closely with them to meet our customers’ needs
  • Staff are encouraged and empowered to participate in quality improvement activities through teamwork and consultation
  • All staff have individual responsibility for understanding and applying this Quality Policy in the performance of their tasks
  • Company management is fully committed to the Quality Policy through the provision of resources, active participation in quality improvement activities and leadership by direct example

Below is our active compliance methods that drive success.

  • Active participation by all employees. Farra executives continuously promote an environment that encourages open communication and consultation between employees and Health and Safety representatives on all health and safety concerns, initiatatives, improvements and procedural changes that could be made.
  • Leading by example. As industry leaders in our field, management will lead by example in all matters, including health and safety. Management and supervisors will demonstrate personal commitment to maintaining zero harm to themselves and others.
  • Actively living our values. Straight up, Proven, Design Led, Can do like no other, Customer Focused, and People Matter. We own these values as a team and they underpin all that we do and are our benchmark for our conduct and our accountability to ourselves and others.
  • Reporting. The culture that is built within Farra allows consistent reporting by employees. They must report all incidents or near hits and actively report hazards to themselves and others around and inside the workshop. We have a Health & Safety committee and they will become involved when deemed appropriate.
  • Individual Accountability. Regardless of an individual’s role within the company, it is their responsibility to uphold their own safety and for the safety of the area under their care, including people around that area.
  • Education. At Farra all employees, contractors and visitors will be educated to ensure safe work practices occur and individual site rules are understood and adhered to.
  • Safety Equipment. Our organisation will provide safety equipment appropriate for each situation that employees, contractors or visitors may find themselves in. It is each individual’s personal responsibility to use/wear the safety equipment provided.
  • Legislation. All employees, contractors and visitors working under the Farra Engineering brand must observe, implement and fulfill the organisation's statutory obligations under New Zealand and Australian (Federal State) Health & Safety Legislation.

"Here at Farra we are committed beyond the health and safety of not only our workers but our contractors and visitors as well. We ensure total employee wellbeing by creating a culture that delivers not only compliance but real outcomes. We back this up by being a company that has a proven track record in providing safe outcomes that achieve goals of difficult tasks."


Protecting the environment is an integral part of our business strategy and we acknowledge the relationship between the environment and our products and activities. We are committed to protecting the environment and respecting the interests of local communities.

To accomplish this, we will:

  • Consider environmental issues in commercial decision-making
  • Maintain full compliance with the codes of practice and exceed the standard wherever possible
  • Continuously review and improve our procedures for environmental management
  • Be a good neighbour, concerned with the community and environment
  • Develop an awareness and understanding among our employees of the interactions between the environment and the company’s activities
  • Influence all employees to consider and respect the environment and to seek to protect the environment during their activities