Working with a variety of metals, aluminium, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel, we produce a huge range of products and componentry. Our sheet metal operations have the largest array of machinery across the South Island. Supported by 24 hours a day production, we design and deliver innovative solutions on time and with competitive pricing.

Our components can be found in a vast array of whiteware, boats, electrical switch boards, gas fires, fire boxes, lift cars, barrier systems, perforated steps, and building maintenance units. We have a proven understanding of the complexities of assembly and laser profiling, cutting, punching, forming and rolling applications can all be completed with our team, in house.

With ISO 9001:2015 certification and hard-won experience in design for manufacture, we are not just a component supplier but a manufacturing partner to companies with some of the most demanding specifications you can imagine.

Some Examples of our Sheetmetal Works



With three Amada and one Wiedemann turret, all of which are linked to CAD/CAM computer design and control systems, we can punch up to 5m x 1.5m and 8m x 1.2m sheets. We can accommodate a thickness of 6mm for mild steel, 3mm stainless steel at an accuracy of 0.1mm


Our new CNC router enhances our production capabilities by having CNC control on our timber products and metal components providing a faster and more competitive turnaround.


Our latest addition to the workshop offers the best of both technologies, with an integrated laser and turret machine that is perfect for complex curves.


Three Amada and one Scott Brake press with full CNC control provide up to 200-tonne capacity, 8-axis, a maximum length of 4m and up to 6mm thick (at 2.4m length) at an accuracy of 0.2mm.


We have the very latest Amada FO-4020 NT installed, containing a 4m x 2m bed. With an accuracy of 0.05mm, we can accommodate a thickness of 22mm for mild steel, 12mm stainless steel and 8mm aluminium.


Equipped with a DNC controlled Amada Guillotine we can guillotine lengths up to 3.6mm long at a thickness of 6mm for mild steel and 4mm for stainless steel at an accuracy of 0.5 mm.

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