Precision Engineering

Shaping brilliance to within hundredths of a millimetre, we are your machining partner of choice. We specialise in high precision engineering and design for manufacturing & assembly services. Precision and fine tolerance production precision to general tolerance of ISO 2768:1989 and engineering with ISO 9001:2015 certification providing you further piece of mind.

Technical Operations

Hydraulic Power Press 

Our Hydraulic Power Press capability allows up to 210T hydraulic power pressing of sheet metal to required profiles. Allows us to fabricate complex curved shapes whilst maintaining materials structural integrity.

Welding/Spot Welding

The team are qualified to ISO 9606 and AS/NZS 1554 standards. Spot Welding capability to 9mm (which is pretty good, we believe).

Mechanical and Electrical Assembly Services

Proficient in the procurement and assembly of mechanical finished products to supply the full turnkey solution. Working with plastics and electrical suppliers complex final assemblies are assembled and tested to the required specification.

DMFA – Design for Manufacture and Assembly Service

Let us work with you and your designers to optimize the manufacturing and assembly process.