Our very large workshop is dedicated to complex heavy steel fabrications as well as lighter work, such as ducting and machinery guarding, for a broad customer base. Our workshop is home to our 500-tonne press brake and rollers that can take up to 38mm thick plate.

Farra has been in the fabrication business for over 140 years. The generations of tradesmen that have passed through Farra have left their legacy of skills and work ethic, still present in the current company. We pride ourselves on being able to complement our trade skills with design capabilities and can, therefore, assist with taking sketches through to a finished product.

Even though we have a long-standing reputation for our fabrication unit, with the integration of the sheetmetal division in recent years we significantly increased our capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our involvement in producing building maintenance units has also given us strong mechanical assembly experience that has further assisted us in maintenance work, both in-house and on site.  

As a workshop, we strive to uphold standards that have been built over many years.  Our reputation has been earnt via long-standing and reputable work that has been completed time and time again to the best of our ability and exceeding client's expectations.

We hold a Site Safe certificate which showcases our continued attention to health and safety and staff wellbeing.  Alongside this we have obtained the SFC AS/NZS 5131 accreditation and we have a constant want to upskill and increase our knowledge of what our industry entails.

Steel Fabrication Accreditation

The SFC AS NZS 5131 accreditation for Category Level 3 is a certification the provides assurance that our fabricated structural steelwork is created by a qualified, competent fabricator.

SFC AS/NZS 5131 Certificate

Welding Abilities

Our highly skilled staff are trained in a wide range of welding types. We can complete:

  • ASME welding
  • Steam pipe, boiler tube, irrigation and steam tube welding
  • Welding of dissimilar metals
  • Certified welding
  • AS/NZS 1554 welding
  • Welding for heavy engineering purposes

Technical Specifications

Roundo Plate Rolls

These hydraulic plate rolls can handle plates 3,000 mm wide, 38mm thick and up to 50mm thick on shorter widths

Dye 500 Brake Press

The 500-tonne hydraulic brake press has a 4,800 mm bed length and can accept 3,650 mm between frames



Batemans Section Rolls

Type RV2H section bending rolls

Peddinghaus Punch

Size 16 universal punch, shear, cropper and notcher

Rhodes Guillotine

The hydraulic guillotine can accept 3,600 mm wide plate up to 10mm thick or 1, 800 mm x 16mm plate

Hydraulic Power Press

Our Hydraulic Power Press capability allows up to 210T hydraulic power pressing of sheetmetal to required profiled. This allows us to fabricate complex curved shapes whilst maintaining the material's structural integrity.

Lincoln submerged arc welding machine with experienced operators

Dam Build Up

A solution for the refurbishment of the Meridian Energy dam intake screens across South Island.

Dam Build Up