Engineering Design

Engineering Design offers a comprehensive service to the engineering industry. Our team of IPENZ chartered engineers specialise in design, drafting, product development and mechanical engineering support. From solution identification and advisory to concept design and development, we are realising the unrealised.

Boasting a large team of seasoned, skilled and enthusiastic designers, drafters, and project managers, we have an extensive and proven track record of designing successful lift, access and hoist equipment. From custom height access solutions, innovative suspended scaffolding and building remediation access to prototype engineering, each project is different and demands a close working relationship with key personnel to ensure the vision is upheld. 

We strive to take your concept from a pen on paper concept  to where it is ready for manufacture or market analysis. Sitework and project management are often a core element to our projects and our team ensure all time requirements are met and accompanied by detailed documentation and quality control.

Farra has extensive experience in the design of lift, access and hoist equipment for any 'Lift, Lower or Move' functionality. Farra can cater to a varying load, speed and other design requirements, with our successful history and experience ensuring your needs, are met, and expectations exceeded. From theatre domes, that require lifting, lowering and rotating on request, to maintenance units, that need to scale unique heights or depths, Farra will provide an effective solution.

"Our philosophy is simple. Every project will be an opportunity to express our capability, every product will be unique, reliable and elegant and every client will be satisfied with the solution."

Thomas Schweitzer

Pit Maintenance Units

Farra’s unique and practical Pit Maintenance Unit (PMU) system is the perfect solution for carbon baking furnaces. It provides staff with a safe, reliable and ergonomic maintenance solution that allows access to the entire furnace - walls and floors included. Our system is simple to relocate and provides unobstructed access to all pits within the smelters.

These units have been installed in locations such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Mozambique and Bahrain.


Building Maintenance Units

Farra’s solution for Building Maintenance units (BMU) provides quick, safe and convenient access to building exteriors. The design team work closely with our engineering and fabrication teams, who are driven by a genuine passion for meeting and exceeding the ongoing needs of the industry, through innovative and creative solutions.

These units are installed in many of the most complex towers in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Macau, Papua New Guinea and London.

Crane Upgrades

Lift, access, and hoist capabilities come in a variety of different forms at Farra Engineering and with over 50 years’ experience in access equipment and a history of crane manufacturing we have the effective solutions for your unique access needs.

Specialising in designing, manufacturing and maintaining lift, access and hoist equipment for any 'lift, lower or move' application. We have created safe access solutions for the toughest places.

From the Ground Up

Partnering with Brosnan Construction to revolutionise the complex process of recladding high-rise buildings.

Learn more about what we did for Spencer on Byron

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