We say YES to Youth Employment Success

Farra is partnering with Youth Employment Success to see greater opportunities provided to local youth within the engineering sector.
Posted 21 July 2018 in People, News

We are now a recognised youth-friendly employer! Here at Farra, we have partnered with Youth Employment Success in a bid to lend a helping hand assisting local youth. As a creative engineering company, we believe we can offer youth awesome opportunities such as an apprenticeship, business walkthroughs, CV reviews, and more. To view the whole list you can visit the YES website.

“We are very focused on the culture within our team, and the younger workers have a lot to bring to the table regarding the technology, and the oldies bring their many years of experience and knowledge to help the youth… That's the thing; it’s important for us to create a culture where if you are the oldest or the youngest, you feel comfortable to speak up and contribute and be taken seriously when you do.”

Providing insight into our creative and exciting industry and this is a perfect way to allow youth to see what goes on behind closed doors. We want to showcase our breadth of experience and team spirit within our workplace. The staff at Farra strongly encourage local youth to connect with us, so we can share these opportunities with them.

Gareth Evans
03 477 5892
Farra Engineering - 43 Cresswell St, Dunedin


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