Girls with Hi-Vis Events Underway

Farra were invited to take part in the Connexis "Girls with Hi-Vis" day at Meridian Energy's Benmore Power Station.
Posted 05 June 2019 in News

In the infrastructure industry women in hi-vis are a rare sight. With only 6% of workers being female, Girls with Hi-Vis was created by Connexis to raise awareness and encourage more women to consider learning a trade.

Partnering with industry leaders like Meridian Energy, Connexis holds multiple Girls with Hi-Vis events annually and Farra was proud to be able to take part in the event held at Meridian's Benmore Power Station on the 4th June 2019.

Touring the Benmore Power Station — Hope Swensson

With the skills shortage in the infrastructure sector, breaking out of traditional gender roles needs to be encouraged and it was extremely rewarding to be a part of an event that does just that. The event offered young women some hands-on experience completing automation, machining, fitting, and electrical activities, and provided the girls with an introduction into trades and technical roles in an industry that most people do not even consider when thinking about career opportunities.

Farra's Mike Pascoe teaching attendees about Machining / Fitting

Girls with Hi-Vis is a great place to start if you are curious about getting into a trade and the opportunity to earn while learning is a hard one to pass up.

For a full list of Girls with Hi-Vis events and additional information visit:


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