Status Quo is never enough when it comes to your people and carbon bakehouse safety.

That’s why our Pit Maintenance Units are trusted by the world’s most productive smelters.

Designed to provide smarter performance and maximise safety in the most demanding of environments. 

Farra Engineering is a world-renowned provider of access equipment for aluminium smelters. We specialise in the design and manufacture of purpose-built pit maintenance platforms for carbon bake furnaces. With over 25 years of experience in the aluminium industry. Our specialist Pit Maintenance Units (PMU) has been designed and built for the maintenance of carbon bake furnaces in the Middle East, Africa Asia, North America and Australasia. We are committed to ensuring our products encourage safer work environments and increased bake house efficiency.


Single Gantry.

Dual Gantry.

Fresh air for the cage.

CCTV in the cage - for enhanced health and safety of staff.

Electric or pneumatic supply to cage.

Low profile - 1650mm height.

Lightweight option - less than 8T.



All designs are fully code compliant.

All safety devices, limit switches and interlocks as required by design codes, plus additional devices are designed to be ‘fail-safe’.

Emergency rescue and emergency systems including remote master key and manual override options to recover cage if the operator is incapacitated. 

Double fenced main walkway down the main access way for fall prevention.




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Design + R&D

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Project Management

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Refurb & Replacement

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Manufacturing & Fabrication








Trackless Relocation.

Traditionally PMUs would be lifted between smelter’s carbon bake pits using the FTA crane, but with Farra’s addition of wheels and an easy to use remote control, our trackless relocation systems allows the operator to drive the unit between the carbon bake pits.

Trackless relocation increases the safety of moving the PMU and drastically increases bakehouse efficiency as it allows for the FTA crane to be freed up for production.

Relocatable PMU

Double PMU Cages.

The game changer for preventative maintenance in the smelter bake house environment our patent pending Pit Wall Brushing Unit. Proprietary brushing units can be added to the PMU cages and remove the need for operators to be in the cages while cleaning of the pit is being undertaken. No more manual scraping! Reduce build-up of carbon pieces, blocks and leftovers, eliminate unproductive time cleaning and shoulder injury risk, and improves fuel efficiency with automated duel use. Cages can be operator free while cleaning of the pit is being undertaken.

PMU Cages

Brushing Unit.

Double productivity. Two cages allows the your staff to work on multiple pits at the same time.

Each gantry cage had a safe working load of 350kg. Units are suspended by four corner wire ropes, connected to a single layer hoist and fitted with two independent brakes to ensure the user safety.

Pit Brushing Unit