Apprenticeship FAQs

If you are interested in a Farra Apprenticeship, here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What if I don't have strong numeracy and literacy skills?

If your numeracy and literacy skills are not your strong suits we encourage you to let your mentor know. We will work with you to provide you with support throughout your apprenticeship.

What support is available if I struggle during my apprenticeship?

If you find you are struggling, just come and talk to your mentor. Your mentor will be able to work with you to provide support throughout your apprenticeship. Farra as an organisation is committed to producing quality tradespeople and will work to support you throughout your studies.

Are there any fee costs to be covered by me?

Farra Engineering will pay for the cost of any study or block courses and will require you to remain in the employment of Farra for 12 months after the completion of your apprenticeship.

If you complete 12 months at Farra after your apprenticeship you will not need to pay anything towards the cost of your study or block courses. However, if you choose to leave before the 12 month timeframe, Farra may require a proportion of the fees paid towards the final year of your apprenticeship to be reimbursed.

What if I want to change the focus of my Apprenticeship?

As a full service engineering company we aim to allow apprentices to experience multiple functions within their apprenticeship. You can expect to be involved in fitting, machining, welding, maintenance and/or fabrication and depending on where your passion lies we will try to accommodate this in your training.

I'm thinking about studying at University, is getting a trade really an option?

Getting a trade provides you with practical life long skills that are in high demand. If you get a trade, not only will your study costs be covered by Farra but you will be paid for your on the job training.

In addition, at the end of your apprenticeship you will have a career, instead of being stuck searching for a job.


How much can I expect to earn as a skilled tradesperson?

After completing your apprenticeship, skilled tradespeople can expect to earn between $55,000 to $100,000 a year. With additional training and moving up the ranks into areas such as management this can increase further.

How will I provide the tools for my apprenticeship?

At the beginning of your apprenticeship Farra will buy and supply you with the applicable tools needed for your apprenticeship and at the first and second anniversaries Farra will purchase the additional tools required.

These tools will be debited to a tool account that will be set up for you with a portion of your pay (tool allowance) going into this account to pay off the cost of your tools. This allows you to have the tools needed to do your apprenticeship without a huge upfront cost and once you pay off your tool account the tools will belong to you.

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