Our apprenticeship programme provides an opportunity for budding engineers to gain the skills needed to obtain their New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Level 4).

At Farra Engineering we have apprenticeships in:

  • Light Fabrication
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Fitting and Machining

As an apprentice you can be involved in a selection of fitting, machining, welding, maintenance, and/or fabrication activities in both the Heavy and Light Engineering sectors. Your work will be tailored to your training and can be customised to suit your interests and passions.

Applications for our 2022 intake are open now!

Download your application form here and email it through to as soon as possible. Our intake closes on Monday 29th November 2021.

What You Need to Know

Apprenticeship Requirements

An engineering apprenticeship consists of three types of training, “on the job”, “block courses” and “off the job” training.

On the Job Training

While completing on the job training our apprentices will be paid for all hours worked. The typical work day is eight hours, however, additional hours can be worked where required by workshop projects.

Block Courses

Block courses will be completed throughout the duration of your apprenticeship. As these courses are normally run during normal working hours these will be treated as working time.

Off the Job Training

Off the Job training is taught by e-learning and it is suggested that apprentices should allow a minimum of 200 hours per year, outside of normal working hours, to complete.

Apprenticeship Length & Benefits


In total an apprenticeship takes 8000 hours, approximately four years. With evidence of the completion of related studies an apprenticeship may be awarded as early as 6000 hours.


There are many benefits to learning a trade. Some include:

  • Getting paid while you learn
  • Learn life long skills
  • Have your course costs paid for
  • Finish your training with a job

Obtain a career without a student loan!

Preparing for an Apprenticeship

Engineering Career Options