Meet Our Three New Interns

Thai Nguyen, Jarod Penaia, and Lachie Crawford are the newest additions to Farra, gaining valuable practical experience to enhance their studies.
Posted 11 December 2018 in News

Farra are excited to welcome Thai, Jarod, and Lachie to the Farra Family.

All three are in their second year working towards getting their Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, with Thai and Jarod studying at the Otago Polytechnic. Lachie is coming to us from the University of Canterbury and is also working towards getting his Bachelor with Honours.

About Our Interns:


Thai is working in Heavy Machining in our Fabrication and Machining workshops, gaining some hands-on experience on the shop floor and in the office working on some new designs. Thai is very interested in getting stuck into some 3D sketching as he would love to get into Mechanical Design. Outside of work Thai is an avid sports player and enjoys playing soccer, badminton, and swimming.


Jarod will be working with Engineering Design and Light Engineering. He heard about our work in the design space and was eager to get involved. Jarod ultimately would like to become a designer with the practical knowledge to create, then manufacture his own designs.


Lachie needs 400 practical work hours for his degree and is making his way around the departments in Light Engineering. He has currently gained experience in stainless, powder coating, and lift and access. Lachie currently works part time at UC Motorsport and would like to get into designing and building cars once he gets his degree.

We can’t wait to share our knowledge with our interns and we look forward to helping them gain real world practical experience.


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