'Nga Kete' is now in place.

The sculpture 'Nga Kete' was unveiled at the Otago Polytechnic on Monday 15th October, 2018.
Posted 16 October 2018 in News

Farra worked with Michel Tuffery and the Otago Polytechnic to manage the installation of 'Nga Kete'.  The 2.5 metre sandcast bronze sculpture's home is now located on Forth Street outside the Mason Centre.

The installation of the sculpture required Farra to:

  • Conduct finite analysis of the sculpture to ensure its integrity
  • Arrange certification of the plinth below the sculpture
  • Organise the installation of the in-ground lighting
  • Install ‘Nga Kete’ in place

Tuffery's design is inspirational and will fit well with inspiring future generations of learners that walk through the Polytechnic's doors.

More information regarding 'Nga Kete' can be found on the Otago Polytechnic website or Tuffery's website here.


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