Portland Loo


At Farra Stainless we manufacturer a single occupant prefabricated toilet that has seen successful implementation in cities worldwide, including here in Dunedin, and in 45 locations in America. Our product, The Portland Loo, www.portlandloo.com is a rugged stainless steel designed toilet.

This product is perfect for New Zealand’s harsh and rugged environment. Made from heavy duty stainless steel and powder coated to match any desired location. It also boasts very low running costs due to the simple but smart design.

It is designed for simplicity and throughput, for example the hand wash facility is on the outside of the toilet to minimise toilet use time and avoid freedom campers using it as washing facilities. If it is used in a tourist area it comes with an optional external shower.  



The Farra Lift Hoarding is modular, light-weight and easily portable by one man, without creating manual handling hazards. Ventilation and natural light were key considerations in the design, which is
lacking in the current industry standard.  And most importantly, the system allows instantaneous exit in the event of an emergency in the shaft.

The Farra Hoarding controls this risk twofold, by having the ability to have a quick exit system on the door (not requiring keys from the inside), and by having the top and bottom hoarding door’s situated 600 mm from the shaft exit itself, allowing someone to stand between the hoarding door and the shaft entrance if required.

The Hoardings are a steel fabricated frame with light-weight opal plastic panels in the two sides and the door. This allows light to enter the lift shaft, and prevents potentially curious by-standers from disrupting the work that is being undertaken. These opal panels also provide a solid barrier to control the risk of construction debris from entering the shaft and falling onto a worker.

“We researched internationally and found that a high percentage of lift maintenance injuries could have been avoided or less severe had the worker been able to get out or raise the alarm more quickly.”, explains Mervyn Maskill, Farra Works Manager. “It seemed crazy that in this day and age one of our guys could lie in a lift shaft injured unable to get out, without anyone able to hear him, it’s just a hugely unsatisfactory level of care.”

Three of the Farra Lift Hoardings are being used on Leighs Construction’s  BNZ Centre site in Christchurch. “The hoardings are a great invention, especially considering how safety critical being harnessed down an isolated lift shaft is. We are constantly striving for zero harm, and applaud inventions such as this that contribute towards ensuring the safety of our contractors and everyone onsite”, says Leighs Construction Managing Director
Anthony Leighs.

Personal Brewery


For those enthusiasts who have been crafting your delights with an ad hoc mix of vessels and paraphernalia, we can now offer you the ultimate toy, your own personal brewery, a tight integrated design that has been proven by the professionals.

We have been designing and manufacturing breweries for over 25 years now and have quite a number of sites throughout NZ and Australia. It is only recently however that we decided to make a small, compact and portable brewery that would be perfect for both the home enthusiast and a plant sophisticated enough to enable the larger breweries to perfect their new recipes. Hence the personal brewery, the 50SBB.

As you can see by the pictures, the 50SBB is a compact three tiered brewery that utilises gravity feed, eliminating the need for pumps. Included is the Farra counter flow heat exchanger which is a tube inside tube heat exchanger to reduce the wort to the optimum temperature for yeast pitching. This unit can make a 45l batch in about 4 hours – though it does need fermenting & conditioning in separate vessels (we sell those as well) for a couple of weeks before you can enjoy your own brew. The 50SBB Brewery is designed to duplicating the process used in large commercial breweries using only natural raw ingredients, not a supermarket kit.

We have designed it in conjunction with the team at Emerson Breweries, the hugely successful and multi award winning craft brewery that we have featured in an earlier e-newsletter. The trial beer they put through the prototype was superb, however they do know a bit about brewing.

We showed the brewery recently at the Beervana event in Wellington which follows the NZ Beer awards, to a very favourable response – and the first of our sales. The BrewNZ awards are for all the commercial breweries, whether boutique or one of the real big boys. We have also had a lot of interest from SOBA (Society of Beer Advocates Inc) who are organizing the National Home brewing Competition in October, and as a follow up to Beervana we are planning to present the brewery at these awards.

The unit sells for $5,000 + GST, plus packaging and freight. The gas bottle shown in the photos is not included but we do have an introductory training booklet including a couple of recipes.

This is of course just one of the brewery components that we now design and manufacture. If you want any more details on our more commercial products, Email matt.hogan@farra.co.nz

Pit Maintenance Unit


Farra Pit Maintenance Units have been installed in most of the world's recent new build aluminium smelters, including those in the Middle East, such as QATAR, DUBAL and the latest EMAL. 

What do Pit Maintenance Units do? Aluminum smelting involves extracting aluminum from its oxide alumina via an electrolytic process. Carbon conducting rods (anodes) are required for this reduction process and these are manufactured in separate bake furnace pits. These pits are typically around 7m long, 2m wide and 6m deep and are grouped in banks of up to 8 pits with often over 50 banks of pits in a smelter. The pits are lined with carbon tiles and need regular maintenance, and that's where our units come in. These machines provide very safe access to the pits via long travel, cross travel and hoisting motions to allow workmen to reline the pit walls. Safety is a critical component of the machines as the working conditions are tough, temperatures can exceed 60 degrees in the pits.

The units are hoisted via a single lifting point by an overhead crane and positioned over a bank of pits. Once the maintenance is completed, the crane picks the unit up again and relocates it to the next bank of pits. And so on.

Our Pit Maintenance Unit is unique and we are unaware of any alternatives that are marketed internationally. With Health and Safety being increasingly an issue the product has an exciting future and we plan to further raise our international profile of these machines by attending an industry specific trade fair in the USA early next year.

The first maintenance unit was designed in conjunction with engineers at the aluminium smelter at Tiwai Point. Since then we have continued to develop and refine them and we have now sold units into Argentina, Mozambique, Australia and the Middle East.

For more information contact Thomas.schweitzer@farra.co.nz

Rotary Screens


Since 1986 we have designed and manufactured rotary milliscreens that are specifically designed to separate solids from liquid discharges, whether it is waste water treatment for city councils or vegetable waste from food processing industries.

The Farra screen has a number of unique advantages over others in the market. The waste water enters the screen barrel via a specifically designed baffle system that reduces the flow of the incoming waste water and results in an even flow over the three sided weir onto the screen. The milliscreen rotates at a constant speed, the cleaned water passes through the wedge wire and the solid waste works its way to the end of the screen due to the conical shape of the barrel where it can be disposed of or treated further.

The screen mesh is self cleaning with internal and external sparge pipes with low and high pressure water jets that remove any residual matter.

We have recently manufactured four new screens for the Gisborne District Council as part of a multi million dollar upgrade of their treatment process being managed by Beca. This was won through an international tender process so it was especially pleasing to secure this.

We have just delivered a further screen for the Nelson Regional Sewage Business Unit Bells Island waste water treatment plant. This was secured through Waste Solutions, a division of CPG New Zealand. They specialise in innovative turn-key wastewater treatment solutions using anaerobic digestion and biogas capture.

On the local front we have also made recently a smaller screen for the Mosgiel waste water treatment plant through Fulton Hogan. This screen has a slightly different purpose than the Nelson & Timaru screens; it is used for the removal of larger foreign objects that find their way into the waste water system during high inflows.

We have also recently installed two much smaller units into Blenheim wineries where the screens are used to remove the grape skins and stalks from the grape juice.

The screens are used for a wide range of applications in various industries and because of the many variables we get the client to provide us with as much information as possible prior to any recommendation. This includes type of wastewater/effluent, maximum flow rates, maximum size of the solids permitted in the treated water etc. Once we have received that we calculate the wedge wire and screen size accordingly.

If you are interested in more detailed information, please email justin.boereboom@farra.co.nz

Rotating Double Level Medical Gurney


Another of our successful clients is Southern Engineering Solutions in Christchurch, an innovative design lead company with strong links to a number of industries.

One of their new products, which we assist in manufacturing for them, is the double level Gurney, first developed for the University of Otago Medical School. This allows for example, two cadavers to be studied, one on each level, with the ability to easily rotate each level to the top.

Ideally suited for other applications where space is a premium such as busy morgues.For more information on Southern Engineering Solutions visit their website on www.sesltd.co.nz cadavers to be studied, one on each level, with the ability to easily rotate each level to the top.


Ideally suited for other applications where space is a premium such as busy morgues.For more information on Southern Engineering Solutions visit their website on www.sesltd.co.nz

Signs and Artwork


We have extensive experience in laser cutting signs and in developing two-dimensional artwork in conjunction with the artist, working in metals, wood and plastic.

We can quickly price and deliver standard lettering and numbers, or if your requirements are a little more creative we can design them from scratch.And when the artwork or even signs become more complex we bring in our general engineering skills and capabilities to bring to reality the artist's concept.

For assistance email mark.stuart@farra.co.nz

Temporary Lift Work Platform


These lightweight aluminium platforms (Temp Decks) are designed to provide safe and efficient access to the lift shaft while the lift’s infrastructure within is being installed, maintained or serviced.

For more information email merv.maskill@farra.co.nz
They have been developed in conjunction with Schindler, an international leader in the lift industry with a serious responsibility to safety. They are lightweight, easy to transport from site to site and quick and simple to assemble creating a very efficient and safe working platform. They are designed and manufactured to New Zealand and Australian safety standards.

There are two models, the Standard and the Adjustable and each can be altered to work in deeper shafts. And we can design and supply one offs to better suit your unique requirements.

Standard Temp Deck Capabilities:
Working height: 1.95m
Shaft depth: 1.7m to 2.3m
Depth: Up to 3.2m
Extra components available to extend shaft.

Adjustable Temp Deck Capabilities:
Working height: 1.1m, 1.5m
Shaft depth: 1.7m to 2.3m
Depth: Up to 3.2m
Extra components available to extend shaft.

All temp decks come in a convenient plywood box for storage when not in use, keeping all parts together safely and securely.