Farra, for the last five years has been Tertiary rated under the NZ ACC WorkSafe Managment Practices (WSMP) programme, the highest available and we certainly take our Health and Saftey very seriously.

We have a permanent experienced Health & Safety Manager on our team,  Logan Miller, whose job is to provide support to our divisional mangers, liaise with our customers as well as continuing to develop our systems, particularly important now with the changes to NZ legislation. 

Our in-house system is competency-based where all staff are trained and assessed in the safe use of machinery and processes. We utilise an NIRPT rating for our staff where N means they are not able to use particular equipment, I indicates they are able to use it under instruction, R means they require supervision, P means they are proficient and T that they are capable of training and assessing other staff.

We are proficient at putting together detailed Health and Saftey Plans for site work including (S)WMS, SSPs and Risk Analysis to work as a subcontractor or the primary contractor for a larger project.



For Contractors who wish to go onto the workshop floors at Farra, please undertake the self-induction by reading the attached Contractor Induction information. This provides a brief overview of the company and of each of the divisions, and identifies the key hazards found in each. As an on-site Contractor, you will be periodically assessed on your work practices to ensure hazards are recognized and reduced as much as possible.

For those Contractors who are undertaking a significant project within the Farra premises, you will need to provide a Health & Safety plan identifying any hazards likely to occur and your methodology for minimising these hazards.

Please complete our contractor induction by selecting from below

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