Our sheetmetal division has the largest array of machinery in the lower South Island and in recent years we have stepped up our investment in machinery to ensure that we stay at the fore front of technology


Three Amada and one Scott Brakepress with full CNC control.

Up to two hundred tonne
Up to 8 axis
Maximum of 4m long
Up to 6mm at 3000mm long


We have installed the very latest Amada FO-4020 NT, a 4KW model with a double 4m by 2m operational bed – one bed can be loading while the other is working. Once the cutting is complete the beds automatically interchange and the process begins again.

Laser Speed: Up to 15m per minute.
Gas: Pure Nitrogen,
97% Nitrogen (Ezi Cut)
Thickness, up to: 22mm mild steel
12mm stainless steel
8mm aluminium
Accuracy: 0.01mm
Materials: Steel, aluminium, wood, acrylic, vinyl
Services: Low tolerance detailed cutting
Medium tolerance speed cutting

Turret Punch

We have continuously invested in the latest Amada gear and we currently have three Amada and one Wiederman turret, linked to CAD/CAM computer design and control systems. Our range of tooling is extensive and all tool maintenance is done in house by trained operators.

Component Size:
Up to 5m x 1.5m sheets, 8m x 1.2m sheets
Up to 6mm mild steel, 3mm stainless steel.

CNC Router

We have recently installed a new CNC Router to enhance our production capabilities, this now gives us the same CNC control on timber components as we have with the laser on metal components. It also provides the additional benefit of in-house engraving, providing a faster and more competitive turnaround on engraved parts.

DivLift Comp 5div

Laser Combo

Our latest investment in production technology is the Amada C1, an integrated laser and turret machine that offers the best of both technologies. The laser is perfect for complex curves whereas the turret is efficient at punching small accurate hole - often a part either compromises on one or the other, or if both are essential they are achieved with multiple handlings. The Amada does both operation in the one set up allow more complex shapes to be produced more competitively. It also offers an array of small forming tools that increases again the sophistication of parts that can be produced automatically.

Combo prof 1

Powder Coating

Our new powder coating plant is now underway.  It includes the latest technology in automatic painting with an integrated overhead track system complemented by the more traditional manual paint booth.

The large gas-fired oven is unique in that it caters for both automatic paint curing as well as batch curing.

For more detail see our Powder Coating division page.

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