Farra Engineering is a large dedicated machine shop running an impressive array of CNC, NC and manual machines in both lathes and milling. Our traditional strength has been in heavy precision machining and our top lathe and horizontal machining centres are as large as you will find anywhere in the country. In more recent times this strength has been added to with our CNC production capability with multi-pallet machines enabling us to finish components up to 1 metre cubed. We also offer a full site and shop fitting service utilising the expertise of an exceptionally experienced team of fitters.


Our experienced team under the management of Mike Keen can undertake repairs, refits, new installations or routine maintenance on a wide range of industrial equipment. Current clients are numerous and include OceanaGold, Cadburys, Pioneer Generation and Meridian.

A recent involvment included the installation of Pioneer's Wind Turbines in Central Otago.

This service is backed up of course with a full workshop with the very latest in machines and diagnostic tools including balancing, both on site and in the workshop.

Large Jobbing Work

Traditionally this has been our area of strength due to appropriate gear and years of experience. This includes considerable work for the Hydro Industry, turbine refurbishments for example is one of our specialty areas.

We have a series of large capacity mills and lathes able to machine single items up to 30 tonnes, including complex tasks utilising the latest in CNC technology.

Arguably, this is the best selection of gear in New Zealand for the large jobs, certainly in the South Island.

Production Machining

Our key production machine is a 8 pallet automated 4 axis CNC horizontal machining centre (HMC) from DMG Mori, see separate capability.  It can handle up to 1.4 cubic metre, or multiple units within that pallet space. It is a high-performance, high-quality production machine with a 100 unit automated tool changer.

A twin pallet Hyundai HMC complements the larger G&L and offers a slightly smaller machining envelope.

For larger components, the Kia CNC horizontal borer with 5 programmable axis and 40 position tool changer has a working envelope of 3m x 2m x 2m.

We have a range of smaller complementary mills and lathes should your production requirements be smaller.

And of course we can continue to work on these components, adding fabrication or assembly and provide a complete sub-assembly to you, utilising capacity and capabilities from our other divisions.


We can produce a prototype to your designs or help you develop a new design that combines your product experience with our own extensive industry knowledge, all developed on the latest 3D or 2D CAD packages and then interfaced directly into our latest machines. We have worked recently in this prototyping field with Meridian, LifeVent and Stuart Irrigation Systems.

Once the prototypes are completed, refined and further developed we can then easily transfer them into production volumes if that is required.

Small Jobbing Work

We have an array of CNC controlled lathes and milling machines supported by the latest in CAD/CAM technology. We can accomodate one offs or small production lots.

Simply email your CAD file to us, or we can prepare them, and we will quickly turn around what is required.

DMG Mori Production Machining

Our most recent purchase is a brand new DMG Mori NHX 8000 high performance 8 pallet horizontal machining centre.

It can undertake high precision machining in a work envelope up to 1.4 cubic metre and whilst it is designed in terms of rigidity for larger components it is just as capable of machining smaller parts as well.

It incorporates all the latest bells and whistles from part probing to tool monitoring to texting our operators during the night if there is something unexpected happening.

This is world class machining capability and throughput here in New Zealand, here in Dunedin.



We are a specialist supplier of engineering solutions to the hydro power industry.   Over many many years we have built up an enviable reputation for innovative engineering through design expertise and skilled operators supported by some of the biggest and best heavy machining capability in the country.

We have honed these skills and capabilities throughout the South Island hydro power station network, working for Meridian, Contact, Genesis, TrustPower and Pioneer.

We are have a proven track record in the following projects:

Turbine Shaft modification and maintenance.

Wicket Gate repair and replacement.

Head and Sluice Gate repair and replacement.

Stop Log repair and replacement.

Crane Upgrades including a complete mechanical and electrical upgrade.

One Piece Thrust Runner design and manufacture.  We were the first in NZ to design and build these.

Complex Site Machining for traditional or complex bespoke solutions.

Servo Motor Overhauls.

Thrust Spring Pack replacement or refurbishment.

Fitting with a vastly experienced team either site or workshop

Access Platforms designed to meet all necessary standards.

Heat Treatment capability for very large to very small components.



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