Farra lift Components specialises in supporting the Lift industry within New Zealand and Australia, whether that be design and manufacturing a bespoke car, detailed architraves for the lift entrance surrounds, or the rails for the car to run on. We know the business exceptionally well and supported by the production machinery with Farra's we can deliver a wide range of supporting components including electrical with minimum lead times. Our service now runs to offering the install of new lifts, full refurbishment of existing lift cars and the regular maintenance of existing lifts. We are the one-stop support shop for the lift industry. The manufacturing skills and machine capabilities necessary to meet the stringent requirements of the lift industry in Australasia enables us to undertake contract manufacturing for other industries just as easily and just as successfully.


Our dedicated factory has 10 skilled staff in a modern and spacious 1000metres squared workshop serviced by a 5 Tonne over-head crane.

Our assembly line is flexible which enables us to switch to glass cars, stainless finishes or large industrial cars without disruption. The framework of the car is manufactured using the latest turret punch and laser cutting machines, interfaced through CAD/CAM computer controlled systems to give consistency, accuracy and speed.

Lift Design

For over seven years we have worked closely with our key customers to refine the manufacturing detail of the lift cars primarily to ensure that once they arrive on site, they can be assembled simply and easily, minimising site labour and installation issues. Through standardisation of design elements it has also given us the template to easily vary the size and finish of the cars to best reflect what the end customer wants.

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Manufacturing & Assembly

The skills we have developed in recent years are one of assembly line manufacturing, which can be applied to a wide range of products, not just lift cars. This is backed up by a busy range of the latest component manufacturing machinery that gives economies of scale that local manufacturers sometimes struggle to achieve.

We have a core range of subcontractors to complete the wiring looms for example and the myriad of finishes that a demanding market requires.

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Supporting Machinery

Our workshop contains all the necessary fabrication machinery on the floor, plus state of the art machinery in our Farra Sheetmetal Components division. We work closely with Sheetmetal Components to utilise their automatic turrets, brake presses and laser to give repeatable quality and very competitive prices.

CNC Router

We have recently installed a new CNC Router to enhance our production capabilities, this now gives us the same CNC control on timber components as we have with the laser on metal components. It also provides the additional benefit of in-house engraving, providing a faster and more competitive turnaround on engraved parts.

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Lift Installation

In recent times we have extended our capabilities to offer a full lift install service. This includes the installation of the rails, the lift car, the cables and the electrics. All that is required is for the lift company to commission.We are the one stop shop for the lower South Island if a lift is in need of repair, maintenance, refurbishment or full replacement.

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Case Studies