Farra Fabrication is a very large workshop that is dedicated to complex heavy steel fabrications as well as lighter work such as ducting and machinery guarding for a broad customer base. Local work is a priority but we also specialise in the manufacture of in-house designed access products for high rise buildings and for the aluminium smelter industry.


The main bay of the Fabrication workshop boasts two of the largest lifting capacity cranes in Otago/Southland. Two 20 Tonne gantry cranes can be tandemed together to handle products up to 40 Tonne and 36m long. These 20T cranes have 10m under the hook.

The second bay in the workshop houses 2 x 3 Tonne cranes with 5m under the hook and a third bay with a 2 Tonne and a 1 Tonne crane with 5m under the hook each.

Our yard also has a 2 Tonne crane with 7m under the hook.

Crane LR

Dye 500 Brake Press

Our Dye machine is a large versatile brake press with manual control. Its 500 Ton capacity is a powerful platform for a range of forming operations.

The press is used on a wide range of projects including the pressing of sections for the 12m jibs on our building maintenance units and the pressing of an endless range of products. The press is also useful for tipping plate edges on medium to heavy plate.

A wide range of blades and dies are available to provide a range of internal radii. Please contact us to discuss the options.

Brake Press 500 LR

Rhodes Guillotine

The Rhodes guillotine is a large guillotine capable of cutting through light to medium plate. The area in front and behind of the guillotine enable very large plates to be handled and maneuvered into the guillotine. A back gauge can be set for high quantity, accurate cutting.

Rhodes LR

Roundo Plate Rollers

These hydraulic rolls are utilised on a wide range of projects. The long rollers can handle wide sheets and the support arm at the top assists the rolling of large diameter plates. Plastic covers can be installed for the rolling of stainless steel and aluminium plates.

Rollers Cropped LR


The Fabrication division run mainly flux cored welding wire (FCAW) as standard on all our steel welding. This ensures a higher degree of quality weld.

Our experienced tradesmen are trained in MIG/MAG welding, manual metal arc welding, TIG welding and selected tradesmen in submerged arc welding.

We also have experience in aluminium alloy welding.

farra Welder

Backteman Section Rollers

These sections rollers are capable of rolling sections up to Ø65 pipe. The Roundo Plate Rollers are used for rolling some SHS and RHS sections up to 75mm in section. Other sections can also be rolled. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

  • Pipe: up to Ø65
  • Box: Up to 40x40
  • Channel: up to 180x75
  • Angle: Up to 60x60

Special die items have been manufactured specifically for rolling pressed channel sections of various common dimensions. Other sizes available upon request.

Section Rollers LR

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