About Farra

Farra split into separate trading divisions in the 1990s to provide clarity of purpose, clear accountability along with an overhead structure suitable to each. All divisions are assisted by a small head office team that provides complimentary administrative, management and financial support.

Currently there are six divisions and each operates with their own manager, their own specialised tradesman, their own plant; and each operates from their own premises. Even though your job may move through a number of our divisions, you will be dealing only with the manager with whom you initiated the job.

Customers don't care about how a company is structured, though they quite rightly care about their job. The specialisation of the division enables particular skills to be developed and maintained, whether it is those necessary for the fabrication of micro breweries, or the refurbishment of turbines for the hydro power industry. With such specialisation comes efficiency and quality; that's the customer benefit.

And the breadth of our divisions means those benefits can accumulate over a number of trades and a number of operations for the more complex jobs. When required, the integration of the skills and machinery available means we can offer the complete engineering solution. That too is the customer benefit.

About Farra - Our History

Our History

The Otago gold rush of the 1860s was the major impetus for Dunedin becoming at that time the major financial centre of New Zealand. That and the opportunities offered by the ’new world‘ saw the establishment of three engineering companies that would over time merge to become the Farra Engineering that we know today. Those three founding companies were Farra Bros (1863), Dunedin Engineering (1868) and Otago Iron Rolling Mills (1886).

The three companies' history tracks the European economic history of New Zealand, from the gold rush days to the First World War when we had three ships plying routes in the Pacific sourcing iron ore scrap.

We weathered the depression of the 1930s, took advantage of another wartime economy in the 1940s and built cranes for the ’think big‘ projects of the 1970s. We restructured to survive the following economic reforms of the 1980s and 1990s and today we are a modern and diverse engineering company with a national and international focus, proud of our achievements and proud of our past.

150 years on, the descendants of those founding families of the 19th Century are still today the major shareholders of this privately owned company.


Head Office

Each of the divisions within Farra have their own operational management team, the key members of each are shown within the DIVISIONS section. There is also a small management team at Head Office that provides an overarching role covering strategic, financial and health & safety support.



Farra Engineering is a diverse engineering company and we are regularly looking for skilled tradesmen who have a proven track record of performance.

We currently have about 10 apprentices in total going through their time in the Fabrication, Machining and Stainless divisions. At the moment we are not looking for any new apprentices.

If we are looking for staff as shown here, please send your CV to:

Farra Engineering Ltd
Job Opportunities
PO Box 672
Dunedin 9024
Attention: Grant Macmillan

Or email grant.macmillan@farra.co.nz

Currently we are looking for the following staff:

  • Experienced Tradesmen in mild steel fabrications

** Please be aware a scam is in current circulation. 

This involves  fake job offers from Farra Engineering Ltd & references incorrect details such as:
Phone +64 3 6692516hr@farraeng.com & www.farreng.com.  The communication has falsified signatures for Grant MacMillan & John Whitaker & references Alex Garside Law Firm for supposed immigration services.

We stress Farra Engineering Ltd has no affiliation with the contacts provided in these fraudulent offers. **